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Black Eagle Squadron

Thursday, February 4, 2016

AC-130 (unmarked), Scout cars (painted), Shadow Ops figures

Bird's eye view


Jack Knife said...

Hopefully someone can find the scout vehicle mood and they can start producing actual black reissues of it.

TimMee Army said...

I'm fairly certain J. Lloyd has the mold in their possession. What they do with it(if anything) is anyone's guess at this point. Unless they begin distributing the Reissues to the brick and mortars, we'll have to settle for limited production runs of the most popular items and do without the others altogether...mold or no mold.

Until then you can always grab a few scout cars and give them a paint job. They look absolutely sinister in flat charcoal black.

blob said...

7 years later, and in just a few months they will be releasing the scout cars in black