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Below is a list of key events in the 67 year history of TimMee, Processed Plastic and B-Line Toys.

1948 - Processed Plastic Company
Founded by Ross Bergman & partners in Aurora, Illinois to produce toy vehicles.

1948 - Tim-Mee Toys
Founded by John Baumgartner of the Anchor Brush Company - Aurora, Illinois
Began producing toy figures to keep machinery in use during factory inactivity.

1956 - Ross Bergman Takes Over
Buys out partners and becomes sole owner of the Processed Plastic Company.
Sons Robert and David join the company.

1961 - Bergman Manufacturing Company
Organized as the manufacturer of all Processed Plastic products.

1961 - Aurora to Montgomery
The companies moved from 500 Rathbone Ave. in Aurora, Ill to a new and larger factory
at 1001 Aucutt Rd, Montgomery, Ill.

1964 - Buy Out
The Bergman Manufacturing & Trading Company, Inc. (PP) purchases TimMee Toys
effective January 1st, 1965. Sons Robert and David join the company.

1968 - Moldrite Plastic & Engineering Co.
Created to produce molds (for Processed Plastic toys) in Addison, Ill. 

1969 - Ross Bergman Steps down
Robert S. Bergman becomes president of Processed Plastic Co. 

1993 - Robert S. Bergman Steps down
Robert R. Bergman becomes president of Processed Plastic Co.

1998 - 50th Anniversary 
The company celebrates 50 years in the toy business.

2004 - The Merger
Strombecker Corporation and Processed Plastic Co. merge to become Tootsie Toy.

2005 - End of the Line
Processed Plastic sells its intellectual property assets at auction during the summer.

 2011 - Age of Reissues
J. Lloyd International Inc, (based in Grand Rapids, Iowa and established in 1984) begins reissuing classic figures and vehicles from their factory in Kalkaska, Michigan.

2019 - New Moniker
J. Lloyd International Inc. changes its name to Alpha International Inc.

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