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U.S. Air Force

Introduced in 1958, the TimMee Air Force figures depicted ground crew personnel. There were 14 poses in all (twelve standing/two seated) and were molded in aqua blue. There was no TimMee logo or trademark on the bottom of the Air Force figure bases. They were first sold in grab bags and eventually in header card sets. When Processed Plastic took over TimMee Toys in 1965 they created new molds for the figures making them slightly thinner then they already were. The two drivers, along with the navigator w/binoculars and the armament loader were removed from the tooling. The remaining figures were cast in three new colors (red, tan and gray) along with the original colors. Eventually all Air Force figure molds were retired by the early 70s and replaced by blue Vietnam Era soldiers in the header card sets. By 1988 the Air Force figure disappeared from the catalogs, although Air Force planes continued to roll of the assembly line until Processed Plastic was sold off at auction in the summer of 2005.

In addition to the figures, the company also produced pup tents in aqua blue, bright blue, tan and dark blue. There were three molded variations. The first tent included a center upright pole. The second tent had no center pole but included eyelets along the two door flaps. The third tent (dark blue only) had additional eyelets along the tent seams, again with no center pole. 

The Willys MB Jeep (steering wheel version) was molded in aqua blue for the #168 U.S. Air Force header card set.  This Jeep is extremely rare, as is the small aqua blue driver - who sports a visor cap (see photo). The Willys MD Jeep was also given the aqua blue treatment briefly during it's initial production run for a large box set.

Note: The Mobile Rocket Launcher was also molded in the same aqua blue as the Air Force figures. Whether the launcher was meant to be an Air Force accessory is unknown.

The Figures

Officer w/ charts

Navigator w/ binoculars

Pilot in pressure suit


Armament Loader


Fuel Specialist

Aircraft Mechanic

Munitions Loader

Navigator Pointing

Landing Signal Officer

Driver w/ garrison cap
Driver w/ visor cap

  Quick Facts
TimMee Toys / Processed Plastic Co.
Production: 1958 - 1987
Scale: 65mm
Colors: aqua blue, bright blue, butterscotch tan, red, gray


Rare aqua blue Willys MB Jeep

Tent with center pole (no eyelets)

Tent with eyelets (no center pole)

Sikorsky helicopter from the #168 U.S. Air Force set

Jeep and driver

Aqua blue Willys MD Air Force Jeep

Aqua blue Air Force Rocket Launcher

 The Other Colors

Butterscotch tan division

 Header Cards

#168 header card

#1681 header card

#5681 header card

 Bagged Sets

Grab bags (1950s)
#298 • U.S. Air Force • 29¢ • 8 pcs.
#498 • U.S. Air Force • 49¢ • 12 pcs. (including tent)

Header Card Sets
#168 • U.S. Air Combat Force • 98¢/ •15 pcs. (helicopter, plane, tent, 11 figures, flag w/stand)
#198 • U.S. Air Force • 98 ¢ • 17 pcs. (including tent, Jeep, driver w/visor cap)
#298 • U.S. Air Force • 29¢ • 8 pcs.
#0681 • U.S. Air Force • 49¢ • 12 pcs.
#1861 • U.S.Air Force • $1.00 • 15 pcs. (skid helicopter, 2 planes, 5 figures, flag w/stand)
#5681 • Air Force  • 59¢ • 9 pcs

80mm Air Force Figures

Processed Plastic, who normally stuck with manufacturing vehicles prior to the takeover, began producing these robust 80mm figures in 1961. The company referred to these finely-detailed figures as the USAF & Navy Flyers. While there were only five basic poses, there were several variations of two of these poses, bringing a grand total of eight figures in the set. The first pose variation is the officer; one having a single-breasted dress uniform and other sporting a double-breasted version. The second pose variation is the mechanic; one holding up a signal paddle, one gripping an open-end wrench in the middle, and one gripping an open-end wrench further down. The figures were molded in blue, red and tan. They were sold in 24 piece cardboard display boxes, loose in store bins and in Jet Fighter Sets. The production run for these figures was short-lived, ending in 1963.

Officer: single-breasted uniform

Officer: double-breasted uniform

Pilot walking w/ flight bag

Pilot in pressure suit

Fireman w/ fire extinguisher

Signalman w/paddle

Mechanic w/ wrench (middle grip)

Mechanic w/ wrench (end grip)

The Other Colors

Tan and red

 Box Set
#525 Jet Fighter and Air Rescue Unit
This 16 piece box set included the Sikorsky helicopter, four jet planes, six 80mm figures, truck, station wagon, aviator play cap and wings.

Quick Facts
Processed Plastic Co.

Production: 1961-1964
Scale: 80mm
Colors: blue, tan, red


Unknown said...

Was able to get a few old Timmee Airforce figures on e-bay. Look forwaed to haveing them to go with my C-130.

Oliver said...

Oh wow. those are some nice figures. could they possibly reissue the drivers or the tents? Or maybe some aqua blue air force vehicles?