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U.S. Navy

TimMee Toys introduced the U.S. Navy figures in the early 50s. This particular line of military figures was the smallest the company had produced with only ten poses and an AA (anti-aircraft) gun accessory. The 65 to 70mm sailors were typically cast in white, light, medium and dark blues. However, a small run of red figures were produced and made there way into some of the bagged sets and are, therefore, considered rare. The initial runs of sailors were sold in grab bags. Eventually they were packaged in header card bags and accompanied with an AA gun and seated gunner in the higher priced sets. All bags included an American flag and a base. The Navy Sailors were last made available to retailers in the company's 1973 price list and order form.
The AA Gun is made up of four individual pieces that were molded in dark blue. It rotates a full 360° on it's base and elevates up to 90° from the ground. The base measures 1 7/8" wide and 5 1/4" when fully extended vertically. Early production runs of the AA Gun included a 20 round ammo sprue attached to the underside the barrel. It was omitted in subsequent runs of the AA gun; possibly over safety concerns. Both versions of the gun are considered rare by collectors.

The Figures

Swabbing the deck

Helmsman at the wheel

Guard w/ rifle

Walking w/ duffel bag

AA ammo loader

Signal officer

Shore patrolman w/baton

Marching w/ rifle

Officer pointing

AA gunner

  Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Tim Mee Toys
Production: 1950s - 1973
Scale: 65mm

Colors: white, light blue, medium blue, dark blue, red

AA Gun

Bagged Sets / Header Cards

#187 • U.S. Sailors • 98¢ • Header card with 32 pieces including figures, AA gun, seated gunner, ammo belt and American flag w/base. 

#487 • Navy Men •
49¢ • Grab bag with a dozen figures and an American flag w/base.

#487 • Navy Men • 49¢ • Header card with a dozen figures and an American flag w/base.

#2005 • Air, Land and Sea Force • 88¢ • Header card with 77 pieces (included AA gun and sailors)

#187 header card

#487 header card

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