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AC-130: Quick Review

Monday, April 22, 2013

AC-130 delivering its cargo of new Patton tanks
I just received the AC-130 Gunship today and I'm very pleased with it. Assembly was a piece of cake and there was very little in the way of flashing, so a quick once over with a hobby knife was not required in this case. Fit and finish is good with the exception of the seem between the top and bottom fuselage. This has always been a hit or miss issue since the plane's inception back in 1990. It can, however, be rectified with a bit of ingenuity.
The addition of a Patton tank to the set is especially nice since it's the same scale (1:48). You can squeeze up to 3 tanks into the AC-130...or well over 100 soldiers. Although the plastic is the same deep green as the tanks and soldiers, it's more pliable than the plastic used to cast the soldiers and tanks. It's also has less gloss. Actually there should be no gloss. These are military vehicles, after all.

The AC-130 is an excellent addition to the TimMee Reissues and any toy soldier collection. A big thanks to Jeff Imel for resurrecting a truly fun and versatile TimMee product! 

Fresh from the factory!

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Brett Christensen said...


Brian Carrick said...

Many thanks for your review, the C130 was never issued over here in Europe and I've been trying to get one for years so it's great to hear that it's in reissue now.

Best wishes, Brian


greetings from Brazil, I'm an old veteran paratrooper and wish to receive in my house in the mail two copies of the wonderful C-130 Hercules aircraft, how should I proceed to purchase and make the payment?biofontes@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

AMAZON DOT COM makes the world a much smaller place ... or maybe we should bring some C-130's to the OLYMPICS?

Unknown said...

Have they ever thought about re-issueing the gunship in tan???

TimMee Army said...

I haven't heard anything from the company regarding a tan reissue yet. But it certainly isn't out of the question, either.