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TimMees and the MPC Bunker

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Here are the very cool TimMee marching G.I.'s and elevating cannons along with a "recast" of the classic 2 piece MPC Bunker System. MPC (Multiple Product Corporation) established their New York based business in 1954 and later expanded in Toronto, Canada as Multiple Toymakers. According to Kent Sprecher the company was sold several times over the decades. The bunker was originally cast in light green and recast in the more familiar gray. It is said to be no longer in production. Regardless, it remains one of the coolest plastic soldier terrain emplacements ever produced and is overshadowed (both figuratively and physically) only by the Marx Navarone/Iwo Jima Mountains. But that's just this blogger's opinion. 

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Den McGowan said...

I had one of those as a kid! My brother painted it up pretty realistically and even add lichen for both realism and for camouflage.

Worked great with Marx and Airfix Germans WWII toy soldiers!