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U.S. Soldiers • Series II

60mm "Korean" Soldiers
In 1964, TimMee Toys (which was taken over by Processed Plastic the same year) introduced a 2nd series of 60mm U.S. soldiers comprised of seven new poses representing the Korean War conflict that took place from 1950 to 1953. They were sold in the typical 49¢ and 98¢ bagged header card sets like the  #482 and #194 Military Patrol sets. They included a flag with stand, B.A.R. men, a motorcycle with dispatch rider, an ammo runner and a prone soldier with a separate bipod machine gun that is often missing from the figure due to its small size. These soldiers were also packaged along with the World War II soldiers in several B-Line Toys bagged sets such as the #1198K Mobile Combat Unit, for example. Unlike the other three series of soldiers, these were only cast in olive drab and army green. They were produced until 1970. 

Grenade Thrower


Marching G.I.

Waving G.I.

Ammo Runner

Prone w/separate bipod MG

Dispatch Rider

Bipod machine gun

#482 header card

Trade Ad header (c. 1964)

1198K B-Line header card

#194 Header card

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Tim Mee Toys
Production: 1964 - 1970
Scale: 60mm

Colors: olive green, army green


Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

These figures are mostly armed with the M-14 rifle that entered service in 1959, four years after the Korean War ended.
Mike Bunkermeister Creek

TimMee Army said...

Thanks for the info, Mike.