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A special thanks to the following people for the information they've shared over the years.

 • David C. Bergman
   Former VP Engineering, Processed Plastic Company

 • Jeff Christner

   Webmaster of Army Men a Go-Go...where it all began.

 • Paul Grundy

   Author of 'Mr. Schuck: A Timmee Toys Employee Interview' -PFPC Magazine issue #20

Jeff Imel

   Proprietor of VictoryBuy.com, Tim Mee Army Men (Facebook)

 • Kevin Konen

   Author of 'The Tim Mee Toys Army' and 'The Tim Mee Toys Armed Forces'
   "A Collector's Guide to some of the Most Popular Plastic Toys of the 1950s, '60s and '70s."

Greg Liska

  Commissar of the TimMee Russian Soldiers
  Author of several magazine articles (Plastic Warrior Magazine, Playset Magazine)

William McMaster III 

   (1954-2014) Founder of BMC Toys and JMM International

Robert R. Morris
   Author of 'The History of Processed Plastic Company, 50 Years 1948-1998'

Toni Smith

   Former Customer Service Director, Processed Plastic Company

 • Kent Sprecher

   Proprietor of Toy Soldier HQ Inc., ToySoldierHq (Facebook)
   Author of 'The TimMee Story' - Playset Magazine issues 51 & 52 and others.

   Also a huge thank you to Kare for all of her support.

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