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Arco TimMee Clones

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Back in late 2013 I wrote an article about the Manaplas M35 cargo truck. With the exception of bigger tires and a few very slight detail variations it was an excellent cargo truck clone despite the oddball colors. I recommend searching for them on Ebay if you love the Deuce as much as me.
So this week I finally came across the other cargo truck clone I'd long sought after. This one was produced by a Bangladesh company called Arco Industries LTD. which is said to have been founded in either 1948 or 1955...depending what part of the Interweb you've been rummaging around in for information. The company was eventually purchased in by Mattel Toys in 1986.  

The slightly smaller dimensions, subpar detail, flashing and warpage of this truck are typical of the Asian knock-offs produced by companies such as Imperial. Accompanying this shipment was an M48 Patton tank, Willys Jeep and field cannon. All three appear to be cast from the Larami toolings. Since Larami was purchased by Hasbro in 1995 and Arco purchased by Mattel in 1986, this would lead one to believe that any tooling shared between the companies took place prior to '86 as neither Hasbro or Mattel (two of the biggest toy companies in the world) would never share tooling with their arch rivals. And I'll bet they didn't crowd fund either. But I digress. 

UPDATE - 4/27@11:13PM: Reader Kirk Larson Submitted the following pics of the Arco Sea King helicopter. Thanks, Kirk! 


Kirk Larson said...

I own an ARCO copy of the H-3 Sea King and the ubiquitous Jeep as well. The helo has no bottom panel.

TimMee Army said...

Got a pic???