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C-130 Planes

C-130 Hercules Air Transport Command
Introduced in the 1990 catalog and modeled after the Lockheed C-130, the No. 6275 Air Transport Command was 24½" in length with a 26½" wingspan. It featured four spinning propellers, three sets of landing gear that allowed the plane to roll, a cockpit entrance door and a rear access loading ramp. In addition, the No. 6275 set included 18 Vietnam era soldiers, an American flag with stand, a sheet of vinyl decal stickers and an Army Scout Vehicle which could be placed inside the cargo compartment. The company later retooled the mold to create the AC-130 Gunship (A stands for attack, C stands for cargo). The Hercules Defender, Black Eagle AND RCAF gunship versions were equipped with a pivoting chin turret below the nose, two missiles attached to the underside of each wing and three adjustable 30mm guns on the port side. These pieces were cast in a light grey plastic. The same gun was also used on the #739 Willys MD Jeep.

The C-130 and AC-130 were sold individually in a floor display box or included in a boxed set with detailed graphics on all sides. It was also briefly packaged in an open display box with an armored scout vehicle, 18 Vietnam Era soldiers, flag and decals already applied.

Check out this blog for lots of detailed photos of the Hercules Gunship.

• C-130
Transport Aircraft (Transport Command)
• C-130 Transport Aircraft (Desert Command)
• AC-130 Gunship (Hercules Defender)
• AC-130 Gunship (Black Eagle)

• AC-130
Gunship (RCAF)

Transport Command Open display box

Transport Command box #6275

Desert Command box #6272

Hercules Gunship box #6275

Black Eagle Gunship box #62750
Photo courtesy of ebay
RCAF Gunship

#6275 Catalog Diorama (1990)

C-130 sticker sheet

Gunship sticker sheet

Black Eagle sticker sheet

Desert Command sticker sheet

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 6270

Production: 1990 - 2005
Dimensions: 24½" L x 26½" W x 10" H

Scale: 1/48
Colors: army green, desert tan, black

Reissues: Click here for information.


Unknown said...

What did it cost in 1990?

Anonymous said...

I got one that Christmas. I think they were $20. Which is about $40 today after inflation.