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Foreign Soldiers • Series III

   70mm "Russian" Soldiers
In 1965, during the escalation of the Cold War, TimMee Toys introduced the 12 figure set of 70mm Foreign Soldiers (a.k.a. Russian soldiers). They were marketed as the opposing forces for the two series of 60mm U.S. soldiers. Despite the patriotism of American kids, who would love nothing more than to take on the Ruskies in their own backyard with their beloved toy soldiers and armament, initial sales of these figures were surprisingly slow (according to the company) and subsequently pulled from production the same year.

The 12 Russian figures were cast in olive green, lime green and bright red during their brief production run. The #179 bagged set
(priced at .98 cents) included 32 soldiers, a Russian hammer and sickle flag and flag holder. The #479 bagged set (.49 cents) only included 16 pieces; including the flag and holder. The original header card used the term "Russian Soldiers" and depicted Red Square in the background. However, due to the political climate in America during the Cold War, the term "Russian Soldiers" was changed to "Foreign Soldiers" and Red Square background removed. The Russian Soldiers sets came with red and lime green figures. The Foreign Soldiers sets came with olive drab and red soldiers. After production ceased in the U.S. the mold was sent to a company partner in Mexico where they would be cast in forest green for very limited production runs during the 1980s. In addition to the aforementioned colors, there are also a small quantity of  khaki colored Russian soldiers in circulation that are said to be test shots made by the company prior to the first production run.



Rifleman kneeling


Captain w/ pistol

Pointing w/ SMG

Slung rifle w/ ammo box

Rifle over shoulder

Crouched w/ SMG

Grenade thrower w/ SMG

Crouching w/ rifle

Prone w/ rifle

Hammer & Sickle

The Other Colors

Lime green & khaki tan

Forest green & bright red

Header Cards

Original header card

2nd Header card

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Tim Mee Toys
Production: 1965
Scale: 70mm
Colors: olive green, lime green, bright red (Tim Mee Toys)
   forest green (Mexico), khaki (test shots) 


pylgrym said...

These commies command cold hard ca$h at auctions online and have been lovingly reproduced in resin.

Adair said...

I do not recall these at all. They would have been too small to be worthy opponents for my regular Timmee green army men. My enemy soldiers were usually yellow MPC Japanese, gray Germans, and blue-silver Soviets. Yes, it was always Timmee vs. MPC. (MPC's own American GI's were far cruder and less interesting than Timmee's. But MPC did make great foreign armies.)

Rolfe A. said...

If more of these sold could have there been russian vehicles?

TimMee Army said...

I seriously doubt it.