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Staghound Car

Processed Plastic Armored Car (hard plastic)
Modeled after the T17 Staghound Armored Car from World War II, this first incarnation of the Tim Mee tank was actually produced in the early '50s by Processed Plastic and sold by Tim Mee Toys as the #630 Tank and B-Line Toys as the #400 Armored Car. The Processed Plastic company name was removed from the TimMee version during the casting process. It was molded in soft polyethylene plastic (pictured below), while its Processed Plastic twin counterpart (pictured left) was molded in hard plastic and referred to as a Scout Car. The bow machine gun with mount found on the latter version was was not included on the Tim Mee version because polyethylene cannot be glued together. Both versions sported rubber wheels that were attached to a metal axles. However, the wheels on the Processed Plastic Version were slightly larger. Also, some axles ends were cut cleanly while others had rounded trapezoid ends that secured the wheels to the axle. The turrets spin a fill 360°. Processed Plastic versions included a small white star sticker applied to either side of the turret. The Staghound was sold in bagged sets that included 10 60mm soldiers or combined with the Army Tow Truck and a flatbed trailer to create the #3114 "3-Piece Tank Retriever Unit." Colors varied from olive drab to bright green, the #401 multicolored Staghound with a red hull, blue turret and yellow barrel, the #3113 multicolored Staghound with a yellow, hull, red turret and blue barrel and the #3115 Staghound with a blue hull, yellow turret and red barrel.

TimMee tank (soft plastic)

B-Line #401 Armored car (hard plastic)

B-Line #3113 Armored Car (hard plastic)

B-Line Armored Car (hard plastic)

Staghound header card

Staghound header card #2

 Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 400 (B-Line Toys), 630 (TimMee Toys)
Production: 1950s - 1960s
Dimensions: 5
⅝" L x 2⅞" W x 2⅞" H 
Scale: 1/35
Colors: olive drab, army green, yellow/red/blue, red/blue/yellow, blue/yellow/red