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Mobile Rocket Launcher

Mobile Rocket Launcher
Introduced around the same time as the Mobile Atomic Cannon (1962), the #301 Mobile Rocket Launcher had a revolving turret that elevated. It included four rockets that could be securely stored on each corner of the deck until launched via a cocking spring action trigger release. With a bit of practice you could send the rocket a distance of eight feet. The wheels were made of solid rubber and mounted on metal axles with finished beveled ends. The rocket launcher was sold individually with a header card and bag or on a cardboard blister pack that included six 60mm combat soldiers. In blister packs, the olive drab Army version typically included blue rockets while the Air Force blue version included olive drab rockets. In bagged sets, the rockets typically matched the color of the launcher. Some rockets had the number "1" embossed on one of the tail fins. Other rockets had two lines that ran through the tail fin, which subsequently omitted the number. The number "4" was then added to one of the nose fins.

The Mobile Rocket Launcher was only produced until 1965, most likely due to poor sales and/or high production costs. Finding one today with all four rockets is extremely rare.

Air Force blue rocket launcher

Hitches: front (left) and back (right)

Fin variances

#301 header card

#E-52 header card

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Tim Mee Toys
Item number: 301or E-52
Production: 1962-1965
Dimensions: 7" L x 2½" W x 3¼" H (fully elevated)
Scale: 1/35
Colors: olive drab, aqua blue,
army green


Rolfe A. said...

What ever happened to the mold? I am guessing it was lost or destroyed.

TimMee Army said...

Nobody knows.

Rolfe A. said...

Maybe in some warehouse somewhere..........