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Army Dump Trucks

No. 120 Dump Truck

First Army dump truck
In 1948, the newly formed Processed Plastic Company produced it's first vehicle: the #100 dump truck. It was formed from hard polystyrene plastic and had a metal dumping lever on the passenger side that (when pushed towards the right) functioned as the lift mechanism and the prop for the box bed. It was cast in several colors and color combinations. In 1952, the company released the #120 Army version that was cast in both light and dark shades of olive drab and included an embossed ¾ inch white star on either side of the bed. It rolled on solid rubber wheels attached to metal axles. It was also released under their B-Line Toys moniker in the early 60s along with the Army Tow Truck and the 3 Piece Army Unit. This was the first of several Army dump trucks produced by the Processed Plastic Company over the next 57 years.

Metal dumping lever

Lime green version

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 120

Production: 1952 - 1960s
Dimensions: 8¾" L x 3" W x 2
⅝" H (3¼ L with bed raised)
Scale: 1/24
Colors: olive drab, lime green

#138 Army Dump Truck

Second Army dump truck
This the second dump truck produced by the Processed Plastic Co. Cast in soft plastic, it featured a rock shield extension on the dumping bed that protects the cabin. The first version included rubber wheels mounted on metal axles. These were replaced in the mid 60s with the more familiar plastic wheel/metal axle setup. Unlike its predecessor, it has no dumping lever. The white stars were moved from the sides of the bed to the doors.


Quick Facts 
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number:
Production: 1960s
6½" L  x 3" W x 2¾" H
Scale: 1:35
Army green, multiple colors

Military Dump Truck

#1662 Dump truck
In the late 70s Processed Plastic introduced the #1662 dump truck with the design possibly based on a Mack. It was molded in several color combinations. A few years later it was molded in army green and introduced in the #7320 Engineering Convoy set that included the #9360 Chevrolet pick-up truck, the #7370 CJ7 military Jeep and 6 Vietnam Era soldiers. They were packaged in an open box display with illustrated graphics. The dump truck measure in at 8¼ long x 4¾  width x 5" high and is molded in army green with black tires. The dumping bed raises fully. Stickers include the 5 series registration number, American flag and a unique U.S. Army sticker. Unlike the other two vehicles in the set, the dump truck did not have an interior.

Quick Facts
• Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
• Item number: 1662
• Production: Late 70s-mid 80s
• Dimensions: 8¼" L x 4¾" W x 5" H
• Scale: 1/24
• Colors: army green


Rolfe A. said...

The first dump truck has always been my favorite. Every time I see one I think of the reconstrucion of Germany after WWII. Plus you can pull back the lever and make it dump stuff. This is one of the best examples of classic Tim-Mee vehicles!

Pheeta said...
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