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Large Scale Army

M41 Walker Bulldog
Although Processed Plastic referred to this tank as an M60, it is actually modeled after the U.S. M41 Walker Bulldog light tank that began service in 1951. The PP7520 was packaged in a cardboard tray with eight 54mm scale Vietnam era soldiers, the Big Battle Figure Set with ten 6" soldiers, several command playsets or sold individually from a display box. It featured a 360° rotating turret, elevating barrel, four rolling wheels, an opening turret hatch with a fixed position gunner and a large rear opening hatch. Several stickers were applied that included American flags, registration numbers, white stars and U.S. Army lettering. In 1991, the desert tan color was introduced as part of the Desert Command Series to commemorate the victory in Desert Storm and included a unique Desert Command logo sticker. During the last 10 years of production, they were also cast in camouflage using a process called marbling. This was achieved by injecting additional plastic color(s) into the mold cavity and therefore no two camouflage tanks are identical. Finally, there was at least one Bulldog cast in aqua green. This may have been a test shot, simple oversight or last minute substitution of plastic at the end of a production run.

Army Green

Desert Tan

Olive Drab Camouflage

Woodland Camouflage

Desert Camouflage


The gunner
Open display box (c. 1980s)

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 7520
Production: 1983- 2005
Dimensions: 10¼" L x 6¼" W x 4¾" H (excluding turret)
Scale: 1/24
Colors: army green, desert tan, desert camo, woodland camo, olive drab camo, aqua green

Stickers: white stars, registration #55239326, USA, American flags

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Willys MB Jeep
Modeled after the Willys MB U.S. Army Jeep deployed in 1941, the 1/16 scale #739 was introduced in 1965. Over the years they were sold individually or as part of several command playsets. Features included a 50mm machine gun on a rotating turret mounted in the rear (later used on the C-130 gunships) and a fold-down windshield. Rear accessories would change over the course of its production run (see 2nd photo) and would either include a jerrycan coupled with either a spare tire or radio. The latter would also include hitch/slotted plate to accommodate different attachments. The wheel design was slightly altered with the addition of a center cap (see photo). The 739 was produced until the company ceased operation in 2005. Colors included desert tan, army green, aqua blue (Air Force), aqua green, red and ruby red.

Willys MB Jeep

Rear accessory and hitch variations

Early wheel / later wheel

Willys in desert tan

Willys in aqua blue

Willys in aqua green

Willys in bright red

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 739
Production: 1965 - 2005
Dimensions: 8" L x 4" W x 3½" H
Scale: 1/16
Colors: olive drab, aqua blue, army green, desert tan, aqua green, red, transparent red
Stickers: white star, registration #31072545 or 55239326

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Military CJ7 Jeep
Processed Plastic released the PP7370 CJ7 4-wheel drive jeep in the '80s and was sold individually. It featured chrome wheel hubs, chrome grille, hood decals (not shown), a small rear hitch, a moderately detailed interior with a functional steering wheel and a removable hard top. It was also packaged with the #7320 Engineering Convoy set that included the PP9360 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck and the PP1662 Dump Truck.

The CJ7 Jeep

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 7370
Production: Late 1970s - 2005
Dimensions: 8¾" L x 4¼" W x 4¼" H
Scale: 1/16
Color: army green, desert tan

Military Dump Truck
In the late 70s Processed Plastic introduced the #1662 dump truck with the design possibly based on a Mack. It was molded in several color combinations. A few years later it was molded in army green and introduced in the #7320 Engineering Convoy set that included the #9360 Chevrolet pick-up truck, the #7370 CJ7 military Jeep and 6 Vietnam Era soldiers. They were packaged in an open box display with illustrated graphics. The dump truck measure in at 8¼ long x 4¾  width x 5" high and is molded in army green with black tires. The dumping bed raises fully. Stickers include the 5 series registration number, American flag and a unique U.S. Army sticker. Unlike the other two vehicles in the set, the dump truck did not have an interior.

#1662 Dump truck

Quick Facts

• Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
• Item number: 1662
• Production: Late 70s-mid 80s
• Dimensions: 8¼" L x 4¾" W x 5" H
• Scale: 1/24
• Colors: army green

Chevrolet Step-Side Pickup
Based on a mid-70s Chevy Step-side pickup truck and part of the Engineering Convoy Set. The exterior features a chrome winch system mounted to the chrome grille and front bumper, a roll bar with mounted lights, extra wide clip-on chrome wheels/tires, working tailgate with  embossed Chevrolet name, chrome rear bumper and a rear hitch. The interior includes seats, steering wheel and dash. Stickers include U.S. Army (hood), Corps Of Engineering (driver's side door) and registration number sticker (driver's side "exposed" fender). This truck was also produced in a wide variety of other color combinations. 

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Quick Facts
• Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
• Item number: 9360
• Production: Late 70s-mid 90s
• Dimensions: 9¼" L x 4¼" W x 4¼" H
• Scale: 1/20
• Colors: army green, various color combinations

Artillery Corps
Introduced in the 1988 catalog, this PP7379 10 piece set included the CJ7 Jeep modified with a fold-down windshield, roll-bar, revised grille and winch (Figure 1). The belly pan was deleted and the rear hitch received a slight modification. Also included in the set was an M-119 howitzer with elevating barrel and expanding trail assembly, plus eight 54mm scale Vietnam era soldiers. The Jeep included a U.S. Convoy sticker on the hood with the registration #247732404. Colors included desert tan and army green. Scaled for 3¾ Action figures.

Artillery Corps in Desert Tan (1991)

M-119 howitzer in Army green

Figure 1. Revised grille (right)
Open display box

Quick Facts (howitzer)
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 7175
Production: 1988 - ?
Dimensions: 14" L x 4¼" W x 7" H (fully elevated)
Scale: 1/16
Colors: army green, desert tan 

Troop Carrier
Introduced in the late '80s, this troop carrier was modeled after GMC's first generation Topkick truck platform which debuted in 1980. The PP7131 included an opening tailgate, removable canopy cover and a sunroof (go figure!). Colors included desert tan and camouflage green. Stickers include the grille/headlights and a U.S. Convoy sticker on the door(s) with the registration #247732404. It could hold 10 3¾" action figures (not included). They were sold individually in a cardboard tray.

Troop Carrier in Desert Tan (1992)

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 7131
Production: 1980s - ?
Dimensions: 13¾" L x 5¾" W x 6¾" H
Scale: 1/16
Colors: green camouflage, desert tan 

5-6" Vietnam Era Soldiers
Introduced in 1977, the PP1340 "Giant Size" soldiers were sold individually from a 36 count display box or a bagged set with five soldiers. A total of 6 figures were produced and were a good match for the troop carrier and M60A2 Patton Tank. They were briefly made in camouflage  towards the end of their production run.

Army green poses

Desert tan poses

Header card

#1347 Header card

Quick Facts

Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 1340
Production: 1980s - 2000
Scale: 1/12
Colors: army green, desert tan, woodland camo

M60A2 Battle Tank
Modeled after the short-lived M60A2 "Starship" Patton tank and introduced in the 1990 catalog as the PP7425 Battle Tank. Colors included army green, desert tan woodland camo and desert camo. It featured a 360º rotating turret, rear storage compartment, two fixed front wheels and one rear swivel wheel. It measured in at a whopping 21"x 9" x 11½. The tank was sold individually in a floor display box. Several electronic versions were also released. The #7421 version nicknamed "The Dominator" featured three electronic sounds: machine gun fire, cannon fire and bombs exploding. It required a 9 volt battery (not included, of course). The Dominator was also packaged as the #74210 Thunder Crusher. Both were packaged in a display box.  
The battle tank was also included in the Ultimate Battle and Ultimate Military playsets.

M60A2 in Desert tan

The Thunder Crusher

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 7425
Production: 1990 - 2005
Dimension: 21" L x 9" W x 11½" H
Scale: 1/14
Colors: green, tan, desert camo, woodland camo

Assault Chopper
This helicopter was a hybrid of sorts. The front was inspired by the Bell AH-1 Cobra and the rear shrowded fantail taken directly from the French-made Aérospatiale SA-341G Gazelle. Processed Plastic released the 7410 Military helicopter in 1988. It included trigger action rotor blades, tear gas canister and side-winder missiles. The cockpit could hold a 3¾ action figure. It was also released in red as the T.A.R. Squad Assault Chopper, two blue variations as the #7411 Police Helicopter and the #7419 Super Defender Helicopter. A tan version was released in 1991 as part of the Desert Command Series.

Stock photo

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 7410
Production: 1988 - 1990s
Dimension: 18½" L x 7" W x 7" H
Scale: 1/16
Colors: green, desert tan, blue, black, red

Military Defender Copter
Introduced in the early '90s, the #7440 Processed Plastic helicopter was based on the Bell/McDonnell Douglas LHX project. It featured an internal winch system comprised of string, cog posts, hook and a stretcher assembly. It also included a rotating chin turret, four detachable rockets, three retractable wheels, two side-mounted machine guns, opening cockpit canopy, a pilot and an extensive decal/sticker sheet. The #7447 boxed set included 26 Vietnam Era soldiers. A desert tan version, called the Super Attack Helicopter, was released in 1992 which sported NATO brown blades, armament and accessories. 21 desert tan soldiers were included. A blue version was released as the #7445 Tactical Force Police Copter set that included non-TimMee police figures and grey armament and accessories. Finally, a black version was included in the Ultimate Battle Playset where it sported aqua green armament and accessories. 

Note: This is the only military vehicle that includes the TimMee Toy logo. It's embossed on the bottom, just above the Processed Plastic Co. information.

Woodland camo version

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co. 
Item number: 7440
Production: 1990s - 2005
Size: 27½" L x 10 4¼" W x 6½" H
Scale: 1/16
Colors: green, blue, woodland camo, desert camo, desert tan

Dune Buggy
Released in 1991, this vehicle was a variation of the #5151 Baja Digger/Racer Dune Buggy originally introduced in the 1987 catalog. It was molded in desert tan and included the Desert Command sticker, United States flag stickers and a registration number sticker. The original chrome hubs and motor were recast in black for this particular variation. Features included all terrain tires, roll bar, window netting and molded seat. While the buggy is not a military vehicle per say, it sports the Desert Command stickers and color and is therefore included in this category. 

Photo courtesy of Ebay

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co. 
Item number: 5151
Production: 1991 - 2005
Size: 12" L x 8½" W x 5" H
Scale: 1/16
Colors: desert tan, other assorted colors.