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Army Tow Truck

Army Tow Truck
The #310 Processed Plastic Army Tow Truck was released in 1952 and was produced for several years. It was also released under the B-Line brand name as #300. It was first sold individually then later combined with a flatbed trailer and the #400 Armored Car to create the #3114 "3-Piece Army Unit" with an overall length of 16¼ inches. It was cast in two shades of olive drab plastic. The darker shade being slightly more pliable than the lighter shade. Two large ¾ inch white stickers with embossed edges were placed on either side. The truck rolled on the usual set up of solid rubber wheels attached to metal axles. The boom winch, hook and L-shaped crank arm were constructed of metal. A green string was wound around the winch to complete the functional boom/winch assembly. The tow truck that was included in the 3 Piece Army Unit had a mounting hole added to the bed to accept the trailer's pin (see 3rd pic below). The scale of the tow truck, especially with the flatbed trailer connected, is rather large and really dwarfs the Staghound. Still, it's an excellent example of Processed Plastic's early years and makes for a great addition to any TM/PP collection. 

Note: The 3-Piece Tank Retriever Unit was also available from Processed Plastic and B-Line Toys in a multicolored version (#3113) which included a red tow truck, blue flatbed trailer and the Armored car with a red turret, light blue barrel and yellow hull.

3 piece Army Unit


Trailer mounting hole (left)

B-Line 3 piece box (side view)

B-Line 3 piece box (top view)

B-Line individual tow truck box (front view)

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: Processed Plastic Co.
Item number: 310
(Processed Plastic Co.), 300 (B-Line Toys)
Production: 1952 - 1960s

Dimensions: " L x 3¾" W x 4" H (16⅝ L with trailer)
Scale: 1/24
Color: olive drab, red