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M41 Walker Bulldog Reissue

Monday, April 24, 2017

The TimMee M41 Walker Bulldog (dubbed the 'M60' by Processed Plastic Co.) finally makes its return after a 12 year hiatus courtesy of J. Lloyd International, Inc. It was Christmas 2003 when I last spotted them in a brick and mortar. Halfway down a discount aisle was a rather large pattern that suddenly caught my eye. It was row after row of Walker Bulldogs stacked from top to bottom, four deep and in every color. There must've been easily a hundred perched in the their cool display boxes. I grabbed as many as I could juggle as they were only $4.99 a pop. I promised myself I'd go back and fill up a shopping cart. But I never did. 

The tooling for this reissue, as with the others, has stood the test of time. There is no flashing whatsoever and the lines are as crisp as day the Bulldog first rolled off the Montgomery assembly line back in 1983. And might I add that it looks especially slick in this new shade of army green (as do the S.W.A.T. Team figures). Gone is the original front hull U.S.A. sticker which has been replaced with an historically accurate single star courtesy of the included sticker sheet. Those in the "family" business will really appreciate the M41's generous trunk space provided for all of your hauling and disposal needs. Rope and duct tape not included.

While its obviously larger in scale then the majority of the TimMee army vehicles and soldiers, its always been popular amongst kids and collectors alike. And this reissue should continue that trend for many years to come.

Semper Fi! 

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Clarence said...

..thanks much for the pics and review..will be getting one of these soon..:)....