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Helicopter Strikeforce Review

Thursday, December 10, 2015

I didn't know what to make of the SHADOW OPS: Black Helicopter Strikeforce set given the fact that these helicopters didn't exist when I was growing up. The company introduced the helicopters in the 1993-94 catalog as part of the 'Copters Planes' set that were sold in bulk using floor display assortment boxes. The set included a USAF attack chopper, transport copter, military jet and twin engine passenger plane. The 3-piece helicopters were assembled using two contrasting colors. This method created multiple color combinations for various themes. 

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Fig 1.  Attack chopper
The attack chopper (see figure 1) is modeled after the Bell/McDonnell Douglas LHX concept design and was also produced in a much larger scale by Processed Plastic as the TimMee Toy Military Defender Chopper, the Attack Helicopter and the Tactical Force Police Copter.
The transport helicopter (see figure 2) was a design of unknown origin. Perhaps loosely based on a concept design or a product of the company's own imagination.
The 60mm Special Police Forces Figures made their first appearance as SWAT team figures in the 1970s and sported the classic tactical gear from the same era. They were packaged in several Police themed playsets.

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Fig 2.  Transport helicopter
This new "marriage" of stealthy aircraft and police figures from the past all cast in deep black is an interesting one in that it provokes a fairly sinister look. Something neither TimMee Toy nor Processed Plastic had ever attempted to do as far as I can recall. You get the feeling these men and their machines were assigned a mission far too dark and dangerous for the common G.I. and his loud bulky tanks and armored vehicles.

The helicopters and figures are void of flash and made from a somewhat pliable plastic. And that's the way it should always be. The attention to detail adds a nice touch of realism, especially with the holstered pistols and billy clubs on several of the figures. My only real complaint here is that it would've been nice if the set included a dozen figures for the price you're paying. But I'm sure the kids will overlook that minor drawback in short order once they get their top secret missions underway. All in all, this is a unique TimMee playset just in time for the holidays. And, as one TMA reader proclaimed, "It'll make a great stocking stuffer for all those conspiracy theorists out there!" No doubt.

The SWAT Team

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Talking into bullhorn

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Talking into walkie-talkie

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Pointing pistol

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Running with pistol

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Kneeling with rifle

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Kneeling with tear gas gun

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: J. Lloyd International, Inc.
Production: 2015
Item number: 63522
Scale: Copters 1:50, Figures 60mm

Colors: black

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Jack Knife said...

Think they will ever issue this set in blue?

TimMee Army said...

That all depends on how well the black set sells and if there's a demand for a blue set.