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Registration number stickers

Monday, February 10, 2014

Factory sticker sheets
In 1964, with the introduction of the Patton tank, military jeep and the 2 ½ ton cargo truck, came the now familiar registration number (a.k.a. serial number) sticker that where applied to a long list of army vehicles from the Processed Plastic Company. It should be noted that from time to time vehicles left the factory without them being applied. A depleted inventory was most likely the reason for this. The rectangular 5/16 x 1" sticker featured rounded corners, various shades of green backgrounds, white lettering and a small white star. The number itself changed over the years. 19855 was used briefly for the initial run of the square cab truck. 31072545 was used throughout the military lineup beginning in 1964. until it was replaced by 55239326 during the 70s. The sticker was eventually phased out in the early 90s to help reduce rising production costs as it could not be added to the existing sticker sheet found in the bagged sets. The registration number sticker sheets are all but impossible to find. 

• The number 19855 was used briefly for the initial run of the square cab truck that featured rubber tires. The sticker was smaller (5/16 x 3/4") and featured two stars on either side of the number.

• A larger registration number sticker with 3441269 was used on the Dominator Tank. It included an American flag and two stars. 

So what sticker went with what vehicle? Here's the breakdown:

• First run of the square cab truck w/ rubber wheels

Square cab truck w/plastic wheels 
Cargo truck wo/ hitch and flat wheel hubs
Patton Tank w/ antenna and metal axles
Patton Tank w/ antenna and small black wheels
Willys M38 Jeep w/ separate steering wheel 
Willys MB Jeep w/ spare tire

Cargo truck w/ hitch and conical wheel hubs 
Patton Tank w/ plastic wheels and axles
Willys Jeep w/ molded steering wheel
Scout vehicles 
Sea King Army helicopter
Cayuse Army helicopter 
M41 Walker Bulldog tank (M60)
Willys MB Jeep w/ radio 
1662 dump truck

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