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Desert Command Series

Friday, February 14, 2014

Desert Command logo
In 1991, after an overwhelming victory by Coalition forces in Desert Storm, the Processed Plastic Company launched the Desert Command Series of soldiers and vehicles to commemorate the event and take advantage of the the public's positive support of the war effort. A new beige plastic (desert tan) was used along with a number of existing molds to produce the series. Those molds included the Vietnam Era soldiers, Patton tank, Scout Vehicle, C-130 cargo ship, M60 (Walker Bulldog) tank, Willys MB Jeep, CJ7 Jeep, M119 howitzer, GMC Troop Carrier, M60A2 Battle Tank, F-16 jet and the Assault Chopper. In addition, a variation of the #5150 Baja Digger dune buggy (released a few years later) was also cast in the same desert tan plastic and sported the Desert Command logo due to a dune buggy's association with desert terrain. Although the series was discontinued in the mid 90s, the company continued using the beige plastic until it closed its doors in 2005. And, unlike the countless variations of green plastic they used over the decades, the hue of the plastic remained the same throughout the 15 year production run of the desert tan products.

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