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TimMee's Spanish Counterpart

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shamber's M48 Patton tank
Hugh over at Small Scale World brought this very unique take on the TimMee tank to my attention last week. It was produced by a Spanish toy company called Shamber's. They produced a wide variety of toy vehicles during the 60's and 70's (possibly beyond). The hull and turret are obviously related to TimMee's M48 tank. While I'm not 100% positive, I think the company who created the M48 mold for TimMee also produced the mold for this tank. I can't imagine TimMee loaning out their own mold or even allowing it to be modified to this extent. You can clearly see the addition of rivets, fender handles and a larger muzzle on the main gun. Underneath you can see that the wheel clip mounts have been removed, the surface smoothed out and the addition of two screw thread mountings. The turret has a few alterations as well including a slightly more detailed antenna and other components. The motorized chassis is the classic push-n-go (friction motor) set-up attached with two screws.

All in all this is a very cool and unique piece, especially since it has a bit of TimMee blood flowing through it. I'd love to see a video of this tank in action (hint, hint)! A special thanks to Hugh for taking the photos. You can find his own blog post regarding the Shamber's tank here.

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Unknown said...

Plastic Friction Tanks were also made by MARX in the 1950's in America. This is a very cool tank and obviously inspired by and an improvement upon the PP/Tim Mee armor!