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Rescue Copter Review

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Rescue Copter was one of the last TimMee military vehicles I ever expected to get a new lease on life during these exciting times of reissues. And I certainly wouldn't have expected it to be offered in a new color, if we were to be so lucky. But here it is in desert tan for the very first time. Christmas arrived a bit early this year!
Right off the bat you'll notice that the five blades, hub, twin air intakes and rear rotor are now silver-gray in color. Gone are the classic white components we're so familiar with. Although, silver-chrome was occasionally used for these parts on other Sea King helicopters, such as the Traffic, Marine and Navy versions. There are several reasons for this change. One being that Jeff likes to differentiate the reissues a little whenever possible. Makes perfect sense. I'm sure there are a few TimMee fans who may be a bit taken back by the new look. I know I was somewhat skeptical when I first told about the change. But the silver-gray does gives it a more realistic appearance, so the trade-off works.

The quality here is quite good. Details are as crisp as the classics. The mold has no doubt held up well over the years.
The blades and rotor fit easily and securely. The intake does require a bit of finesse to install. A flat head screwdriver works well to push the top tab into place. There is some flash present around certain window frames and a small section of the hull seam so have a sharp hobby knife at the ready to remove it and to cut the blades cleanly from the spurs prior to installing them. Both helicopters have the same matte finish found on the Hercules Gunship which ads more realism as opposed to the glossy finish found on the Patton tanks.

The new desert tan Sea King is a must have for any TimMee collector (especially if you're looking to expand the desert tan soldiers and vehicles). And the army green version is a cool new twist on an old classic. Quite frankly, the $26.80 price tag isn't that bad at all, especially with free shipping.

A very special thanks to Jeff Imel for bringing this classic back to life after a long absence from service.

Semper Fi!


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NOTICE: These and all other TimMee reissues are officially available from amazon.com, victorybuy.com and Victory Buy's Ebay store ONLY. Sellers on Ebay, Sears Marketplace or other auction sites are charging considerably more money for the same products.


Adair said...

These reissues are wonderful. However, I miss the lack of at least a star decal. The original green copter had the white star decal (like the tanks).

Jack Knife said...

Any reason why the green version isn't avaible anymore?

TimMee Army said...

I don't they'll be another production run of green helicopters until the tan ones sell out.