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Lastest Reissue Pics

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Mighty Dominator
I had one these a long time ago. I remember not liking the forest green color at all. I ended up giving it to a neighbor's son who couldn't give a crap about said color. The reissue green, on the other hand, is spot on. I saved the new stickers and slapped on some tried and true white stars. Looks really sharp! A big registration number on the back of the turret would be a nice touch.

Gray Patton tank
I dig the new color. Makes me wanna slap on some German Iron crosses and that creepy symbol which begins with the letter S. Shame on me for such dark thoughts. Semper Fi!


Clarence said...

..great pics, Frank: yeah, the gray Patton is super cool...:)...

borderwalker said...

Frank, have you watched The Man in the High Castle?

The Amazon TV series is based on the 1962 Philip K. Dick novel of the same title. It's a what-if-the-Axis-powers-won story set in the mid-1960’s. Most of the show takes place in a North America ruled by Germany in the east and a Japanese puppet state in the west, with the Rocky Mountain west a lawless neutral zone.

One of the major characters is a former US Army officer who barely missed getting nuked along with the rest of DC in 1945, and has since risen to the top of the new German-controlled power structure in North America.

In one episode, there is an extended dream/flashback sequence where the character remembers fighting ‘rebels’ (Americans opposed to German rule) in the ruins of Cincinnati. During that scene, a tank rolls by in the near background. It was probably CGI, but it looked like an M48, only painted gray with German markings.

I recently ordered a set of the newly-manufactured M48 Patton tanks in gray. I also dug through my spare parts/odds-and-ends box and found a set of the BMC German tank stickers.

Dare I make the amerikanischer Panzer aus der Schlacht von Cincinnati?