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Aqua Green Bulldog

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Blog reader Clarence recently got his mits on what appears to be a TimMee freak of nature. An aqua green M41 Walk Bulldog. So the speculation (so far) goes something like this: it could a test shot (making it valuable), a simple oversight during production (doubtful) a last minute substitution of plastic during the end of a production run or a way to use up leftover material. Whatever the case, this is one cool find. And I thought it was just bad lighting when I noticed the listing. Ugh.

Anyway, congrats to Clarence for this very unique find. If anyone has their own theory as to the origins of the aqua Bulldog feel free to let us know! 

Meanwhile, please enjoy some of Clarence's photos: 

1 comment:

Clarence said...

So far, still the only one I've been able to find in this color...