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Willys MB Jeep Reissue

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The TimMee 1/16 scale Willys MB Jeep Reissue is ready for shipment after a long delay as new tooling for a replacement wheel was required.
Modeled after the Willys MB U.S. Army Jeep deployed in 1941, the 1/16 scale #739 was introduced in 1965. Over the years they were sold individually or as part of several command playsets. Features included a 50mm machine gun on a rotating turret mounted in the rear (later used on the C-130 gunships) and a fold-down windshield. Rear accessories would change over the course of its production run and would either include a jerrycan coupled with either a spare tire or radio. The latter would also include hitch/slotted plate to accommodate different attachments. The wheel design was slightly altered with the addition of a center cap. The 739 was produced until the company ceased operation in 2005. Colors included desert tan, army green, aqua blue (Air Force), aqua green, red and ruby red.

Time Machine

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

How many of you have dreamed of going back in time to clean out every 5 & 10 store of the rare TimMees and stashing them away for the future? Or is it just me???

TimMee, Marx & BMC Join Forces

Friday, April 27, 2018

Last year, Jeff Imel (the man behind the TimMee Resurgence) acquired BMC Toys and has painstakingly brought the line of military toys back to life after the passing of Bill McMaster in 2014. Jeff has also acquired the rights to several vintage Marx molds. An assortment of Marx battlefield accessories, now dubbed the BMC Classic Playset Accessories, have been reissued in the same army green as the newly released TimMee M41 Walker Bulldog. The set includes 3 pup tents, 2 rifle stacks (with five M1 Garands each), trash cans on a wood platform, M9A1 Bazooka, and tripod mounted M2 Browning .50 caliber air-cooled machine gun, M1917 Browning water-cooled machine gun, and M18 recoil-less rifle. The included .50 cal. can be placed (or secured) on the turret of the Bulldog, giving this already cool tank a more complete and realistic look. In addition, a new BMC Iwo Jima U.S. Marines set has been reissued in a very similar shade of army green. These two new sets have created an instant batch of accessories for the army green Walker Bulldog. Well done, Mr. Imel.


BMC soldiers w/ Marx accessories

Desert M60 Reissue now available

Friday, March 16, 2018

The desert tan M41 Walker Bulldog desert tank reissue is now available! The set includes 12 tactical (S.W.A.T.) soldier figures and a sticker sheet that included stars, flags and the classic TimMee registration numbers.