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Frontiersman Quick Review

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Popular TV shows and movies have been driving the production and sales of toys for generations. The TimMee Frontiersman figures are a good historic example of these merchandising tie-ins that became an industry goldmine. 
Introduced back in 1954, the 70mm Frontiersman figures (a.k.a. Pioneers) were initially marketed as Daniel Boone figures in sets such as #158 Dan'l Boone Trailblazers. However, in early 1955, the popularity of the Davy Crockett miniseries prompted TimMee Toys to capitalize on its success and market the Frontiersmen as Davy Crockett figures. As the popularity of Daniel Boone began to cool off, the figures were then marketed simply as Frontiersman and included in subsequent sets and even the #165 Calvary & Apache set. After the Processed Plastic takeover in '65, the new Daniel Boone TV series was off to a rousing start in the ratings and once again the company took advantage and released the figures as Daniel Boone figures in several sets.

The original set was comprised of six 'foot' pioneer figures. Additional Frontiersman figures were introduced in 1956 with three 'mounted' pioneers that could be placed on a 70mm horse from the same era. Original figure colors included green, reddish-brown, yellow, butterscotch-tan, gray and waxy brown.

These are the oldest TimMee figures brought back to life by the Reissues Series.  The molds have obviously stood the test of time as the details rival the originals. Flash is minimal. While most of the reissue figures are cast in a stiff plastic, the Frontiersman are cast in a slightly softer plastic, much like the originals. That alone puts these figures at the top of this blogger's Reissue list. The set includes 24 'Davey Crockett & Daniel Boone' Pioneers.

Foot Pioneers

Walking with rifle

Standing shooting rifle

Overhead with rifle

Scouting with rifle

Kneeling shooting rifle

Kneeling shooting pistol

Mounted Pioneers

Riding with powder horn and rifle

Riding shooting Rifle

Riding shooting pistol (with knife)

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: J. Lloyd International, Inc.
Production: 2014-present
Item number: 6127
Scale: 70mm
Colors: waxy brown

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