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Desert Division Review

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Back in early 2013, J. Lloyd gave the very popular TimMee Patton tank a new lease on life courtesy of the company's new production runs of TimMee Toy classic figures and vehicles. While the tank was only released in army green, it's good 'ole  desert tan counterpart would surely see the light of day if the reissue sales went well. And they did just that.

The tan Patton tank was introduced back in 1991 as part of the Desert Command Series. Fortunately, it went into production just prior to the Patton tank's 3rd and final mold change that eliminated the clip-on wheels and a small run made it out of the factory. All subsequent production runs would yield the more familiar "skid" version. Star and registration number stickers were applied to the desert Patton tanks until they were phased out in the late 90s.

The Reissue

The Original

The color of the plastic between the reissued tank and the classic is virtually indistinguishable aside from the reissue being just a tad lighter... although it's barely noticeable. The details and lines are still crisp after all these years and there's very little (if any) in the way of flashing. Unlike the first reissue of the Patton tank, this version includes a sticker sheet that includes white stars, registration numbers and TimMee logo. See the Combat Patrol Review for details regarding the sticker sheet.

Now you can beef up your desert command division with brand spankin' new tanks! But wait...what's a desert division without Jeeps and cannons??? Ya gotta have Jeep and cannons! Ya can't get a war off the ground without Jeeps and cannons! Hey JL...are ya listening?

Semper Fi!

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Payne Opdyke said...

This might seem a bit off, but would there ever be a chance of the tank being cast in blue?