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TimMees on Patrol

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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Blog reader Clarence was thoughtful enough to share these great shots of his very impressive TimMee M60A2 battalion out on patrol. 
This tank was modeled after the short-lived M60A2 "Starship" Patton tank and introduced in the 1990 catalog as the PP7425 Battle Tank. Colors included army green, desert tan woodland camo and desert camo. It featured a 360ยบ rotating turret, rear storage compartment, two fixed front wheels and one rear swivel wheel. It measured in at a whopping 21" long. The PP7421 version nicknamed "The Dominator" featured three electronic sounds: machine gun fire, cannon fire and bombs exploding. It required a 9 volt battery (not included, of course). The tank was sold individually in its own display box, loose in a floor display box or as part of the Ultimate Battle and Ultimate Military playsets. 

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UPDATE - May 5th at 7:21 PM: the battalion has nearly doubled in size!

Thanks Clarence!

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Lorrie Causey said...

..I recently added another M60 to my collection; I will get you some more pics when I go on my end of the year maneuvers....