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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Camouflage Vietnam Era Soldiers
In 1988, Processed Plastic began producing camouflage variations for a number of their military products with a process called marbling (a.k.a. tortoise shell or swirling effect). This process was accomplished by combining two or more colored plastics at various ratios and pressures into a specific type of injection molding machine. Since these particular machines did not mix the materials properly it produced random streaks in the castings. Therefore, no two patterns or color ratios are ever alike. This makes for a truly unique casting each and every time. Unfortunately, the photo above doesn't do the soldiers justice.

Header cards for the soldier bagged sets were given a MOLDED IN CAMOUFLAGE footer. The soldiers are the rarest of the camouflage military toys that were briefly produced by the company.

Here's the list of the products Processed Plastic created with this technique:

• Vietnam Ear Soldiers (54mm & 6 inch figures)
• M48 Patton tank
• M41 Walker Bulldog tank
• M60A2 Battle tank
• Troop Carrier
• Military Defender Copter

Camouflage footer

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138deathead said...

I vaguely remember I got a bag of these in late 80s. Still have them. Got em at Kmart before I joined the Army myself right before Desert Storm in 1989. They are very kool and unique!