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Transparent Stickers

Monday, December 7, 2015

When the 2015 reissued TimMee M48 Patton tank set was released it included a sticker sheet with registration number stickers whose background actually matched the color of the green tank. A very nice touch. Unfortunately, this was rarely the case during the tank's nearly 40 year original production run. Countless color variations of plastic and sticker printouts over the course of four decades made it all but impossible for a perfect match. To the kids who actually played with these tanks all those years these variations were rarely given a second thought. Who thinks about aesthetics in the heat of battle anyway? ....Well, yeah, General Patton did, but he was an exception. 

Over the years I've written several posts regarding stickers as I seem to be obsessed with them. I even sneaked a few test shots of the vinyl stickers I developed (stars, registration numbers and flag) onto the blog for kicks. While they came out great, the discrepancy between the background color of the new registration number sticker and the various shades of plastic continued to annoy me. So I gave up on my ultimate plan of selling stickers sheets on the blog for those TimMee collectors who would like to replace damaged (or missing) stickers on their tanks, trucks, jeeps, etc. Then, a few weeks ago, it hit me... transparent vinyl. Duh. So I set the wheels in motion and below are the results. While you loose the all too familiar green rectangle, you gain a much more realistic look.

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Vintage #729 Patton Tank

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Alternate black sticker

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White sticker

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Cargo truck

Willys Jeep

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Armored vehicle

Square cab truck


borderwalker said...

Frank, these look GREAT.

Were these simply for your personal use, or will they be available for sale?

Also, VictoryBuy is selling a new sticker sheet (various size white stars and serial numbers) in their web store.


TimMee Army said...

Thank you.

My intention is to hopefully sell these at some point if there's enough interest in them.

The new sticker reissues are very nice.