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The Last Hurrah

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The armored vehicle on steroids
When Processed Plastics closed its doors in June, 2005, the remaining inventory was either shipped out as quickly as possible to retailers or packed away in preparation of the ensuing public auction(s) that would dismantle the nearly 60 year old business. Among the few products left behind in the warehouse was the armored vehicle. A small quantity (fully assembled) were sold on both Amazon.com and VictoryBuy.com. This year, an undisclosed amount were discovered sporting the larger wheels from the #739 Willys MD Jeep. This was mostly due to available parts being used up in whatever manner possible as production in the factory began to shut down. And now they're being made available for purchase on VictoryBuy's Ebay Store. While this variation of the armored vehicle (aka, Scout car, Scout vehicle, Armored car, Recon vehicle) may look more like a monster truck with a gun-turret that'll blow up whatever it can't run over, it's more than likely the swan song from the Processed Plastic Company...unless something else is discovered hidden away in a dusty create. 

Army green

Desert tan

Click here for more info about this vehicle.


borderwalker said...

Very late to the party, but have you seen these for sale anywhere? Or is it the luck of the draw when they show up in your order from VictoryBuy?

TimMee Army said...

VictoryBuy occasionally sells them on Ebay in lots of 12.