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The German TimMees

Monday, July 22, 2013

In 1957, TimMee Toys opened a manufacturing facility in West Germany to produce their plastic figures for the European market. Included in their product line were the 60mm WWII soldiers. In addition, they created four new U.S. poses: kneeling with rifle, kneeling with mortar launcher, prone with binoculars and prone with rifle. These figures had slightly less detail in comparison with their U.S. counterparts and the scale was slightly smaller. A pale green plastic was to used for several castings (which does not translate well in the photographs below) in addition to the usual shades of green and a butterscotch color. A mold was made specifically for the German factory and variations between the U.S. poses and their German counterparts (while often subtle) are evident throughout the series.

Kneeling w/rifle

Mortar launcher

Prone w/binoculars

Prone w/rifle

German logo

Made in Germany

U.S. nurse (left) • German nurse (right)

Butterscotch soldiers

Red soldier

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Unknown said...

Just. Wow. Now my collector's appetite has been keenly whetted! these guys are WAY COOL!